Zeetex Lubricants

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Automotive and industrial lubricants, oils and greases

Established in 2005, ZEETEX product portfolio comprises of tires, batteries & lubricants and offers over 600 differentiated items for the automotive industry. There are a total of 322 items in the tire range, 62 sizes of batteries and 65 specifications of lubricants under the ZEETEX brand. zeetex batteryZEETEX is an international brand, designed and developed to cater to the customer needs in every tire category for all types of vehicles. Be it on & off-road driving, high speed highway drive or heavy duty industrial operations, ZEETEX has the solution.

ZAFCO recently unveiled the ecofriendly ZT1000 as its latest product introduction. Results of the IDIADA test: ZT1000 and 2 other well-known brands of tires, one from Korea and another from Taiwan, were tested together

Aquaplaning (Both Longitudinal & Lateral):

In aquaplaning test, ZT1000 outperformed the Taiwanese brand. In the lateral test, on a scale of 1-10, ZT1000 got a rating of 7.5 against 6.8 of the Taiwanese brand, and in the longitudinal test, it got a rating of 6.8 against 6.5 of the Taiwanese brand.

Interpretation of IDIADA ratings:
• 10: Exceptional
• 9: Excellent 8: Very Good 7: Good
• 6: Acceptable
• 5: Poor 4: Objection
• 1-3: Safety risk, Failure

ZEETEX has the following certifications: DOT (USA), E MARK (Europe), REACH (Europe), INMETRO (Brazil), GSO (Gulf), SONCAP (Nigeria).

If you zeetex tyresare looking for safety, ride comfort, performance, low noise and at the same time an environment friendly solution, then ZEETEX is your choice. ZEETEX has unique tire patterns, provides better control, unmatched quality, and assurance of safety. In short, the ZEETEX brand provides the best value for money to the customers.

Many new patterns will be produced soon in all the categories based on the requirements of consumers. ZEETEX is leading the way in product innovation and customer satisfaction. An automotive revolution is happening for the betterment of the global community. Be part of it.

Zafco Trading LLC has been known as a reliable and reputed company in the UAE for more than a decade. It is one of the leading traders of automotive tyres, tubes and batteries. As part of its expansion policy, the company launched zeetex motor oilits own brand of lubricants in 2002. Eversince the launch, Zeetex brand of lubricants have been gaining in popularity in the local and regional markets.

“Having already established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of automobile-related products, it came as a natural progression for us to launch a high quality line of lubricants,” says Zamir Iqbal, Marketing Manager, (Export) Zafco Trading LLC.

Zeetex Lubricants have already captured a sizable share of the market in Pakistan and Afghanistan and have established itself as a preferred brand of lubricants in international markets like Lebanon, Jordan, Yugoslavia and North Africa. In fact, Zeetex Lubricants have been registering a growth rate of 100 per cent every year – a clear testimony to the increasing popularity of the brand.

The Zeetex brand provides customers a comprehensive range of oils and greases. Whether you’re looking for brake fluid, gear oil (for automatic and manual cars), diesel oil, or high-grade synthetic oils, petrol engine oil, mono-grade as well as high-viscosity multi-grade oils, you can find the entire range with Zeetex. Multi-grade and synthetic oils are specially very popular and are known for their high performance and long life.

Manufactured zeetex lubricantsusing high quality ingredients and base oils, Zeetex Lubricants meet international quality specifications and are certified API and ISO 9001:2000. Zeetex lubricants have also been tested and certified by all major European and American quality-control organisations.

A major promotional campaign has been launched to further popularise the brand in the Middle East markets. Backed by a well-knit distribution network, Zeetex is well poised to emerge as one of the leading lubricants brand in the Middle East region in the coming years.

The high quality and competitive pricing of the Zeetex brand of lubricants has played a significant role in the success of the brand.

Having already captured various markets around the world, Zeetex is now gearing to capture new and emerging markets by appointing agents and distributors in African countries.

“The high quality, attractive packaging as well as the comparatively low price of Zeetex Lubricants is sure to attract Africa customers,” says Zamir Iqbal. “We are currently looking for reliable and well-established business partners in African countries to become agents and distributors for Zeetex lubricants,” he says.

Indeed, going by the past success of Zafco Trading, it can be predicted that Zeetex lubricants will find a ready market in many countries.


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