Pride International Lubricants.

Manufacturer of lubricants, oils and greases for cars, motorcycles, trucks, industrial applications…
Pride International Lubricants specialises in marketing and manufacturing of lubricants & greases for both Automotive & Industrial sectors. The company’s lubricant blending facility is located in Ajman, U.A.E on a 3,000 square metres plot in the New Industrial Area.

The company also deals in speciality lubricants which cover all kind of synthetic and semi-synthetic products. Manufacturing and trading of Viscosity Improvers, slack wax, paraffin wax, bitumen, white oil, base oils and other petrochemicals are the company’s added product range.

Pride International Lubricants has been manufacturing and exporting its wide pride lubricantsrange of lubricants to various parts of the world. Some of the main products of Pride International Lubricants are Motor Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Industrial Oils, Greases, Speciality Oils, Motorcycle Oils and Transmission Oils.

Lubricants available with Pride International Lubricants comply with specifications provided by API (American Petroleum Institute), SAE, MIL & ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) as all its products are formulated with API approved additive suppliers. In-house, fully-equipped testing facility is also available for development and testing of products before leaving the company’s state-of-the-art facility.

Pride International Lubricants employs well trained, skilled workers and its employees are experts in their respective fields and are highly trained with many years of multinational experience. The management is very progressive and is constantly investing in R&D to improve product value for the customers.

“By using high quality raw materials and base oils, we ensure that all our products are of the highest international standards,” says Naeem Amin Tai, managing director of Pride International Lubricants. “Our African customers are impressed by the high quality and low prices of our products. As a result, the African market is now emerging as a major importer of our products,” he said.

Pride International Lubricants is looking for agents and distributors in African countries to further expand its distribution network in the African markets.


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