Horn Equatorial Ltd is a diversified trading company with a strong commitment towards the promotion of trade and investments in East, Central, Southern and Horn of Africa regions.

The company was incorporated in Nairobi – Kenya in October 1998 with the objective of forming alliances with the neighboring countries which will ultimately foster trade and investments. Since inception, the Directors of Horn Equatorial have formed strong partnerships and relationships with various organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, D. R. Congo, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Horn Equatorial has an active portfolio of products which forms an essential part of its trading activities with its partner associates in the neighboring countries. Usually the products are procured and manufactured in Kenya which is often regarded as the economic powerhouse of the region. Kenyan products are highly regarded in terms of quality, pricing and availability, and hence are often the preferred choice in the neighboring countries.

Horn Equatorial offers a unique indenting service for all Kenyan manufactured products to the importer by allowing the opportunity of obtaining various products through one supplier usually at a fixed fee or pre-determined commission. This service enables the importer to obtain a wide variety of products without having to deal with various manufacturer’s, and minimize documentation and logistical problems.

Horn Equatorial has successfully exported various product ranges such as Construction products; Medical supplies; Petroleum, Agriculture related products, Consumer products and Domestic appliances.

In addition, Horn Equatorial is also an active importer of various products for re-sale or distribution both within Kenya and the neighboring countries. Usually the products are imported on order from reputable suppliers in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Far-East and South East Asia.

Horn Equatorial has successfully imported various products such as Pesticides, Consumer products, Raw materials, Food Commodities etc.

Horn Equatorial is constantly chosen as a ‘Manufacturer’s Representative’ who seek greater market share in the export sector. As representatives, Horn Equatorial undertakes to effectively market the product or service within its designated territory to ensure that the consumer has an uninterrupted source of supply and stable pricing, and for the manufacturer to ensure regular demand for its products at all times.

Horn Equatorial is perhaps the only Kenyan company with an active trading interest in almost all of the neighboring countries and allows a diverse range of products to be launched and marketed simultaneously in the export market.

Horn Equatorial participates actively in tenders for the supply of various products and services for the Government, Public Sector corporations, Private Sector companies and Non Governmental Organizations.

Horn Equatorial has successfully participated and won tenders in various sectors such as the following –

Agricultural sector relating to Tea, Coffee, Cotton, Rice, Sugar for requirements relating to Agrochemicals, Crop Protection, Seeds, Fertilizers, Packaging products, Agro Equipment, Implements and related products

Manufacturing sector
such as the Breweries, Textiles, Bottling, Construction for all requirements relating to the supply of raw materials, chemicals, dyes, petroleum, industrial equipment, plants and spare parts

Infrastructure related corporations such as the Water & Electricity Board and Telecom company for all requirements relating to the maintenance and upgrade of existing services

Health sector for the supply of medical and surgical equipment and products. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary products and equipment



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