Bagader Trading Est.

Bagader Trading Establishment in Dubai has been supplying quality tyres, tubes and batteries to various countries around the world for the last two decades. The company has earned an enviable reputation in both the local and international markets as a reliable and trusted supplier of quality tyres, tubes and batteries. Established in Saudi Arabia in the early 1960s, Bagader Trading has offices all over Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Yemen and Beirut which deal in automobile accessories, tyres, tubes, batteries and spare parts.

Bagader Trading has two outlets in Dubai from where it supplies tyres, tubes and batteries to Middle East countries, CIS, Africa, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The wide range of tyres, tubes and batteries available with Bagader Trading are directly imported from leading manufacturers in China, Indonesia, India, Korea, Japan and Thailand. “As we are dealing directly with the manufacturers. we are able to offer quality products at competitive prices to our customers,” says Ahmed of Bagader Trading in Dubai. “Customers also benefit from our comprehensive product range which enables them to select the product that fits their specific requirements. Being the largest stockists in the Middle East for tyres, tubes and batteries, we are in a position to supply the biggest of orders in the shortest period of time,” says Ahmed who has been with Bagader Trading for many years and has extensive experience in dealing with international markets.

Bagader Trading has already established a pronounced presence in Africa where it has been supplying tyres, tubes and batteries to countries like Kenya, Ethopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Zaire, Ghana, Libya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Algeria to name a few. The African customers are lured by the competitive pricing of the Bagader product line and the good reputation the company has build over the years as a reliable and efficient supplier of bagader tyres dubaiquality products. The ability to meet all customer requirements expeditiously and at very competitive prices has been the major strength of Bagader Trading Est. and has helped the company gain a loyal and growing customer base in African countries. “Different clients need different qualities and specifications and Bagader Trading, being the largest stockist of tyres, tubes and batteries in the Middle East, allows the customers to obtain all his requirements from one source, thus saving on time and costs,” says the effervescent Ahmed.

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Bagader Trading Establishment
P.O. Box 50398, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates


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